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TBR Global Chauffeuring
4th July 2018

Technology needs to be part of a company’s DNA

By Michael O’Hare, Founder & Executive Chairman

Technology continues to drive the global market, especially within the business travel industry thanks to the introduction and ongoing development of mobile apps and software to satisfy customers’ demands for instant booking tools.

While driven by the current consumer, this trend will grow stronger with the younger generation who will soon be the main bookers and passengers. Businesses need to embrace this progressive market and not be fearful of change. Don’t get too comfortable, to grow you need to be flexible and responsive to the changes in consumer demand.

Focusing on client led solutions to improve the user experience should be at the forefront of any businesses’ growth strategy. Global businesses need to be in tune with customer demand and forward-thinking when it comes to technology to stay strong in this evolving market.

During TBR’s inception back in the 90’s, its main driving force was our bespoke e-procurement system written by specialist in-house software developers. The tailor-made software was derived from the unique demands of key financial roadshow clients which require multiple bookings in several different cities with rigorous quality control checks. It was advanced for its time and enabled us to execute a high level of service within a niche and focused market segment of the limousine industry. From then on, technology and innovation have been part of TBR’s DNA, always striving to find customer-led solutions and progressing to sustain our position in the market.

As a business we have always tried to achieve great things through our technological advances. Have they always worked? No. Have some of them cost a lot more money than I would like to admit, with little return? Yes. Have they all been a waste of time? Absolutely not. It is an old adage, but you DO learn from your mistakes, you improve on existing concepts and sometimes you end up with an even better idea than you first anticipated.

While technology is a fantastic catalyst for growth, ideas should be developed with the end user in mind. Consider the benefits to the client rather than the fancy features and always encourage feedback, whether that be from colleagues or clients, fostering creativity and cultivating an innovative attitude.

Businesses that want to sustain or make the leap to a global reach and market share need to make innovation the focal point of their strategy. We are in a digital age with forward-thinking consumers. Businesses must grasp the abundant opportunities to flourish in this dynamic market or risk being left behind.