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TBR Global Chauffeuring
1st April 2024

Thriving Through Turbulence: How TBR Global Emerged Stronger in the Transportation Industry

Transportation companies that persevered through the pandemic have experienced significant benefits over the past couple of years. As the ground transportation industry faced global downsizing and closures, TBR recognized the shifting market dynamics as early as the summer of 2021. Leveraging established sales strategies and a resilient operational team, we successfully navigated the 18-month storm.

While supply chains encountered challenges across the globe, as we approach the close of the first quarter of 2024, the ground transportation sector has shown signs of stabilization. TBR has capitalized on opportunities arising from larger companies downsizing, merging with smaller entities, and closures within the industry. Notably, some competitors, previously operating with several hundred vehicles, now operate with only a fraction of their former capacity and significantly reduced staff.

Throughout the past few years, new clients have consistently highlighted the superior customer service offered by TBR Global in comparison to their previous transportation providers. It’s a sentiment often expressed: “Why didn’t we switch to TBR Global sooner?”

Looking ahead, in the Americas, we anticipate continued market consolidation and a decline in high-end chauffeur-driven companies due to the challenges posed by high operating costs and inconsistent service levels.