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TBR Global Chauffeuring
28th فبراير 2020

TBR Global Chauffeuring partners with Carbon Footprint

We are pleased to announce we have officially partnered with leading carbon offsetting provider, Carbon Footprint Ltd, to further enhance our commitment to the environment.

Through the partnership, we will offset all carbon emissions from our vehicle operations and services across the globe, contributing to a global portfolio of carbon offsetting initiatives including; tree planting in the UK and Kenya, reducing deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon, a borehole rehabilitation project in Uganda, bringing solar power to the Philippines, wind-based power generation in India, and a household solar cooker initiative in China.

Fully aware of our industry’s impact on the environment, we believe this strategic move is the responsible course of action to take, considering the growing concern we all share about the global environmental situation.

Carbon Footprint Ltd is an award-winning and leading carbon offset solutions provider, who works with a diverse range of organisations, from the UK Government, DHL, Macmillan Publishers, Radisson Blu Hotels, and more. Given their expertise and knowledge, Carbon Footprint’s core values of sustainability, innovation, flexibility, and teamwork are a natural fit for us as we continue our sustainability journey.

Craig Chambers, Group CEO, commented: “Our partnership with Carbon Footprint will help us to make changes where we can, to both the local and global environment. This positive action will help improve our overall performance and will add to the range of initiatives that we are currently exploring – for example, the use of hybrid or electric vehicles – where we can be at the forefront of driving change across the supply chain and the industry, now and in the future.”

To find out more information about how we can support you with your ground transportation needs, please get in touch with a member of our team here.