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8th March 2019

International Women’s Day 2019

We are entering an exciting period in both business and history, where the world expects balance, recognises its absence and celebrates its presence. This year’s International Women’s Day is celebrating precisely this, through their #BalanceforBetter campaign.

This is something here at TBR Global we advocate and firmly believe in. We believe that balance at all levels drives a better working world; an environment full of innovation and new ideas and a company that empowers employees at all levels to grow and develop. Our values reiterate this – we are dedicated to growing global champions and supporting our people to thrive both personally and professionally across all aspects of the business globally.

To celebrate this landmark event, read what three of our female employees have to say on what diversity means to them and why we should celebrate balance across the board at all levels:

Susan Knox, Global Head of People & Culture:

“Diversity creates a positive culture and brings inclusiveness to any organisation. Within TBR Global, we strive to encapsulate all cultures, genders, ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations, ages, and abilities to ensure our workforce can remain an engaged and fair place to work, where individuals feel empowered based on merit.

“I firmly believe my career has been shaped from my personal drive, commitment to continued professional development, resilience and strong understanding of cultural diversity. Therefore, I don’t believe my gender has been a factor in my journey to becoming Head of People & Culture. As a professional, I agree that it’s important to celebrate success in business, however we shouldn’t place too much focus on gender; we should solely spotlight hard work and results.”

Sandra Hamilton, USA Financial Controller:

“After many years working in diverse industries, my career has came full circle and I’m back in ground transportation. Although the technology has greatly advanced, the basics are still the same, around providing high-quality customer service. However, in 2019 what I thoroughly enjoy seeing now is the number of females in senior positions and its continued growth, on a global scale.

“I firmly believe we should always celebrate each other. Not one nationality, gender, race, age level, etc. knows everything and if we embrace each other’s diversity and difference, the world would be a much more innovative and exciting place, especially in business. This is something I feel TBR excels in and I feel proud to work for an organisation that advocates and practices this ethos.”

Jeanne Phua, Director of Sales and Business Development APAC:

“Despite being viewed as a male-dominated industry, the ground transportation space does in fact attract many female professionals. Embracing gender diversity allows us to tap into a wider talent pool. It is crucial that businesses look far and wide to find the best talent possible. This also allows us ensure that as an organisation, we have a multiplicity of views and perspectives which aids in successful decision making and an innovative operational approach.

“Events like International Women’s Day are a valuable cause worth recognising, as they serve as a reminder and motivation for female professionals. It highlights to individuals that they can rise to senior positions on merit avoiding discrimination and there will be companies out there, like TBR, who are open to prospective talent regardless of gender.”


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