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TBR Global Chauffeuring
31st يناير 2020

Driving excellence… through modernisation

We live in a new age of modernisation, where we have different tools and technologies at our disposal. These tools and technologies equip businesses with the ability to better understand customer requirements and provide top quality services.

For example, they enable event planners to appreciate the whole end-to-end management of ground transportation services and effectively deliver a diverse range of transport options at time-poor, complex events. They support PA’s to seamlessly execute financial roadshows from beginning to end, in turn alleviating any last-minute stresses or delays.

However, in the age of modernity, another factor comes into play and that is modern millennial behaviour. Historically speaking, it was always the remit of EAs and PAs to coordinate business travel however, we are increasingly seeing travellers opting to book their own travel.

This evolution has catapulted the demographic of the traveller on its head – now the modern traveller has a much more emphatic say in how they travel, for example, if they wish to extend their business trip into leisure (also known as ‘Bleisure’, another emerging trend) and ultimately, are seeking more flexible options that can adapt to a wide range of requirements.

New technologies such as AI can help to achieve the above and personalise more flexible policies, in turn empowering the traveller to choose their own options of transport and supplier. This is something that I anticipate will soon come to the fore and is an area that corporates and TMCs must consider when shaping new policies and procedures.

It is safe to say that traveller security and wellbeing is an issue that will and never should go away, as seen in recent Uber incidents. It remains of paramount importance to us all at TBR and is at the heart of all that underpins every aspect of our operational activity. New technologies and trends might help propel new ways of working however consideration must always be given to the traveller, ensuring that we can transport them safely, securely, comfortably and on time.

This segues rather nicely into 2020’s hot topic – sustainability. What is happening to the planet is increasingly becoming understood and awareness is even higher. This will naturally impact our marketplace and be at the forefront of many corporates’ minds.

It is recognised and acknowledged that the world can’t continue its current path, so we at TBR are addressing the issues that we can control sooner rather than later. From the impact of our supply chain to the environment to the end-to-end customer experience – all areas must be considered. We believe that this will increasingly be at the forefront of many policies and decision-makers’ strategies. It continues to be an integral element of our sustainable growth strategy throughout the course of 2020 and beyond.

It is inevitable that a new decade presents new challenges, however with carefully thought out policies and procedures, and thorough consideration is given to core issues such as sustainability, security and traveller wellbeing, we will be in an excellent position to drive ahead and achieve our ambitious goals alongside making sure our customers continue to be consistently happy.

Watch this space for further updates from our ‘Driving excellence…’ content series and if you would be interested in finding out how we can support you with your ground transportation needs, then get in touch with a member of our team today.


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