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TBR Global Chauffeuring
27th يناير 2020

Driving excellence… across EMEA

Here at TBR our people hold vast knowledge and industry leading expertise, which we believe gives us an edge and helps us to stand out from the crowd. Regularly meeting client expectations, and sometimes exceeding them as exemplified in our world-class NPS results, we place great trust in our people and teams here at TBR, in turn helping us to focus on emerging opportunities and new developments, as we strive ahead on our ambitious goals defined in our road to 2021 strategy.

Many business’ place a significant focus on chasing new leads and clients however there needs to be a balance in terms of new clients versus retention. Whilst growth is essential for a business, it is important to recognise the clients who have stood by you for years and are a key part of your brand’s success. Therefore, I view the distinction between Account Managers and Sales teams to grow even further in 2020, to ensure that both potential and current clients are catered for.

Harnessing the right people with the experience and skill set to win new business is essential to any business’ success. For example, here at TBR our account management team over the years have garnered a loyalty with our client base and have nurtured long-standing relationships. However, given the fast-paced changes in business and technology, the way our customers are buying is constantly evolving and is something commercial teams around the globe must bear in mind as we drive ahead into a new decade.

As previously discussed by Lukasz Biegus, our Chief Technology Officer, I anticipate that the emergence of new trends and technologies such as AI will radically transform customer expectations. Many businesses will start to harness these new technologies to better understand the customer journey, and in turn we can get to grips with both potential and current customer requirements, developing solutions that are bespoke to these changing requirements.

Client expectations are growing at such a rapid speed that a one size approach no longer fits. Our 24/7/365 business model helps to compete with a global, ‘always on’ market; where we available night and day, for a wide range of requests. Being a global company with offices spread across EMEA, US and APAC, we are in a fortunate position to have global consistency in catering to these growing demands. We hope that having these building blocks in place will place in good stead with both existing and potential clients, to cater for what is an extremely fast paced and exciting market in which to operate.

We will be running our ‘Driving excellence…’ content series throughout the course of January. Watch this space for further updates and if you would be interested in finding out how we can support you with your ground transportation needs, then get in touch with a member of our team today.


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