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TBR Global Chauffeuring
26th July 2018

What do I know about running a growing global business?

By Craig Chambers, Group CEO

Having been at the helm of TBR during a period of continuous growth, I’ve often been asked what sort of challenges and opportunities have arisen and how the business has prepared for change.

While it can be a nice problem to have, if a company’s progression looks set to outpace its ability to manage and maintain success levels, a robust expansion plan is required with people and culture at the forefront.

Last year, TBR embarked on its road to 2020; a four-year strategy outlining how every team can support in achieving our business goals.

While our growth has always been consistent, a long-term plan was needed to help us focus on our 2020 target. Now we are over a year into the process I can reflect on what – in my opinion – is essential to support business development.

Prepare and plan

Establish your values early on. If you want buy-in from those working around you, it is wise to get their input, ensuring their views are heard and ideas considered. We are more likely to be supportive and passionate about what we believe in and have contributed to. A company’s values should underpin and help form its vision, purpose and strategies.

Surround yourself with the right people

It might sound obvious, but getting the right people is so important. Your employees are your brand ambassadors so while you might need someone with a certain skill, knowledge base or experience, you should also look for those who live and breathe your company’s values and associated winning behaviours.

Once on board, individuals should have the chance to grow and thrive in parallel with the company. I believe in growing ‘global champions’ who are experts in their field and are empowered to make their own decisions for the good of the business.

Listen to the experts

Surround yourself with good people who have been in your shoes before and can bring vital experience, as well as an understanding of the relevant market place and how to encourage the business to flourish.

At TBR, we have a brilliant team of non-executive directors and we often bring in external consultants for certain key projects. All these people have extensive business nous and all bring something different to the table, so I feel confident to rely on their support and guidance as we move towards our 2020 goal.

Move forward

Considering the end goal is so important and it can be helpful to start where you wish to end up, building your strategy from there. For TBR, our vision is to be renowned globally for customer excellence, remaining true to our core values of quality, innovation and investment in our people – that is our primary purpose and we are a purpose-driven organisation. If you want to grow, you need to remain true to your vision and why you began the journey in the first place – profit will begin to come as a welcome by-product when it is not your principal focus.