TBR Secure Chauffeuring

Dedicated Security Team

The size and makeup of the fully-trained TBR Secure Chauffeuring team will depend on the level of risk and the number of people to be protected.

And thanks to our unique partnerships with dedicated security firms, we are able to not only manage your travel, but your overall safety.

Our Focus is You

From the time you enter our vehicles to disembarking, TBR Secure Chauffeuring will ensure that your journey is safe, relaxing and on schedule.

How do I book?

You can book TBR Secure Chauffeuring using the following contact details:

Who will I deal with?

You will be provided with a single point of contact, which will never change while you work alongside TBR Secure Chauffeuring. This will ensure that you build trust and familiarity with someone who is completely dedicated to you.

How do you prepare for my trip?

Using up-to-date intelligence gathered from various sources, as well as threat analysis techniques, we are able to provide current and accurate risk assessments for you.

When do I get driver details?

You will get a full profile, including description of your driver, within two hours of booking with TBR.

Do your drivers have local knowledge?

TBR Secure chauffeurs have extensive local knowledge and will be able to avoid known and unexpected problems, ensuring that they keep passengers safe and on schedule. They are also trained to plan their route selection and employ measures to mitigate any perceived risk or threat.

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How qualified are your drivers?

In partnership with specialist security agencies, TBR developed a driver-specific training course, which incorporates the fundamental principles of secure driving and also provides for local influences and laws. This intensive pass or fail course ensures only the most proficient drivers qualify to deliver our elite service.

Additionally, many of our drivers have skills in defensive driving and manoeuvres, as well as first aid training and close protection training.

What type of vehicles can you provide?

We can offer a wide range of secure vehicles, including Range Rovers and Mercedes Vianos. Depending on your particular circumstances and level of perceived threat, we can also provide discreet, yet fully-secure, bulletproof vehicles.

Can you offer close protection services?

If close protection is required because of a perceived threat, or the specific requirement of a TBR client, then our specialist security partners will provide the appropriately licensed and trained resources.

Where do you operate?

Thanks to our relationship with strategic security partners, we are able to offer our Secure Chauffeuring service globally.

How much does it cost?

Depending on the task in hand and perceived threat involved, prices will vary.

History / Experience

With increased global concern prompting client requests for a security-focused unit at TBR, we developed TBR Secure Chauffeuring.

Since then, we have worked alongside global partners to create an all-encompassing security solution.

TBR Secure Driver Training Course

Our Secure drivers are trained in:




In-depth Car control


In-depth Car


Electronic Vehicle Safety Systems