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TBR Global Chauffeuring
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Measures and guidelines

In light of the current circumstances surrounding COVID-19, enhanced measures are being taken across our fleet and those of our affiliate partners to ensure passengers can continue to feel comfortable and confident when using our services.

As a minimum, the following measures are in place across all our services:

  • No contact pick-ups and drop-offs are mandatory globally
  • All luggage handled by chauffeurs is disinfected before returned to the passenger
  • All chauffeurs are wearing PPE such as gloves and a mask, which is changed between services
  • Antibacterial hand gel is readily available for both the passenger and chauffeur
  • Meticulous disinfection processes are performed between every service along with a daily deep clean of vehicles
  • Any chauffeur feeling unwell or showing any signs of symptoms is immediately removed from service
  • All disposable items such as water bottles are changed or removed, as requested

In select cities across Europe, TBR is offering clients a unique solution to protect passengers, with people carriers now fitted with fully sealed and secure chauffeur and passenger compartments and independent ventilation systems and other fleet vehicles fitted with protective partitions.

Mercedes V Class Covid-19 Safety Partition  Mercedes V Class Covid-19 Safety Partition  Mercedes V Class Covid-19 Safety Partition Ventilation System


For more information about the current measures in place or to make an enquiry, contact a member of our team today.