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TBR Global Chauffeuring
3rd February 2020

Driving excellence… through our people

In a rapidly evolving global economy, today’s modern working landscape continues to mature with major factors including globalisation, technology and consumerisation driving its variations. As an organisation that’s key enabler of success is its dynamic team of experts, it is paramount to ensure TBR embraces these changes to retain its top talent and maintain its engaging and nurturing ‘all in’ working culture.

Millennials and Gen Z are reshaping the future of employment with a modern-day workforce reaching its peak retention rate at only two years. Focus has changed from finding your ‘dream job’ to exposing yourself to diverse experiences, different skills and opportunities to grow. With these new trends emerging, in 2020 TBR has placed enhanced pathways and strengthened learning and development at the top of the agenda to increase career longevity within the business. We make a commitment to equip every employee with the tools to thrive personally and professionally. Whilst average retention rates weaken, we aim to create a dynamic working environment and expand our employee offering, with individuals benefitting from staying with us beyond the modern-day norm. Breaking the trend, TBR’s current employee lifecycle greatly exceeds the average and allows our people the opportunity to engage in diverse experiences, learn new skills and elevate themselves, whilst staying with TBR.

TBR continues to achieve expediential growth and with this, the business needs to be equipped with the right people and tools to not only maintain the same level of exceptional delivery standards, but to scale its services to meet customer demand. With this, we have identified and invested in new schemes and partnerships to bolster our recruitment process, particularly with the new perspective millennial workforce. We have initiated partnerships with local universities in each of our major operational cities, inviting students across several disciplines to be part of our global team through four-year part-time study programmes, graduate schemes, summer placements and apprenticeships. These initiatives allow us to foster relationships with the next generation of workforce, bringing new skills to the organisation but also encouraging these individuals to grow alongside the business and adapt to the TBR way of doing things.

Although continuing to scale and changing the pace and faces throughout the operation, TBR’s culture remains the same. A business’ culture is an intangible ecosystem that cannot be forced. The culture is made by the company’s people but also by the freedom, direction and encouragement they are given. TBR’s culture is derived from engaged employees which is undoubtably accredited to everyone across the operation having a voice. Every year, the business releases a global employee survey to ensure we are constantly listening to feedback and continuing in the correct direction. Those who it directly impacts, shape the people and culture landscape and its global strategy, prioritising key areas of focus as well as successes or missteps in the previous year.

Past results identified the need for a new performance management framework to enhance the way we celebrate our people and their achievements. This drove the development of TBR’s new THRIVE framework; moving away from the traditional 1-2-1 appraisal, where a manager, completes the entire process and grades their direct report, it allows our people to take ownership of their own learning and development and bonus structure. It also allows the people and culture team and senior management to have a streamlined overview of global employees’ performance, with the opportunity to benchmark across the global business, identifying people and teams who need to upskill in certain areas as well as those who are consistently performing, who will be eligible for a promotion.

We are a small business and as we continue to evolve and grow, so will our framework and our people management initiatives. With our high-touch customer experience dependant on our global expertise, we need to stay ahead of the curve to support, retain and celebrate the skilled and unmatched individuals we are lucky to have as part of the TBR family.

This is the final article in our ‘Driving excellence…’ content series. Previous updates from across the business can be found here.

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