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TBR Global Chauffeuring

TBR Driver App

Downloadable on both Android and iOS devices, the TBR Driver App (GroundPad) is a tool for our chauffeurs, allowing them to receive and manage jobs, update the journey and passenger status and communicate with our control team. The Driver App also lets our customers track their vehicles in real time anywhere in the world, supporting safety and security measures within duty of care.

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Frequently Asked Questions
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Backup Phone Numbers

In case you cannot use the driver app, you can the phone numbers listed below to progress your job AFTER you have received the sms message with instructions. Calls to these numbers will not incur any charge as they will ring twice and then terminate the call. If you need to speak to an operator, please phone number on the SMS.

Call the On Site number as soon as you have reached your pick up location, call the Client met number once the passenger is in the vehicle and call the dropped number once the job is complete.





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