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TBR Global Chauffeuring

Dubai Airshow 2017

The Dubai Airshow took place in November 2017 at its purpose-built venue within DWC. The event’s popularity has evolved over the years, establishing itself as one of the largest and most important aerospace exhibitions in the world.

TBR Global Chauffeuring was on-site to manage the premium ground transportation for five of the show’s main exhibitions. The on-site team expertly executed over 100 journeys made by the clients’ executives, delegates, media crews and pilots across the five-day event. The team assigned dedicated chauffeurs to each traveller, ensuring comfort and efficiency as they arrived in Dubai, prepared for their departures and attended the airshow and gala dinners in-between.

The project management team delivered a seamless experience to each client during their time in Dubai, receiving very positive feedback throughout the project. A representative from one of the largest aircraft providers stated she really enjoyed working with TBR and she “would never consider working with anyone else”.